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(W) North, Ryan (A) Charm, Derek (C) Henderson, Erica
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• Squirrel Girl may have avoided going to jail- but now Kraven's a fugitive on the run! It's been a difficult day! • Can Squirrel Girl stop Kraven and Spider-Man from fighting before it's too late? • Can a squirrel named 'Haskell' be a major part of a super hero epic? • Can Brain Drain use some well-applied existentialist philosophy to save the day? • The answer to all these questions is- 'I dunno- MAYBE?' And you'll have to read the comic to find out anything more specific! • UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #35 is your one-stop shop for a) friendship- b) punching and c) SPIDER-MAN- HE'S BEEN IN LOTS OF MOVIES- EVERYONE LOVES HIM. Rated T

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The book is new and unread.

Near Mint
Minor imperfections allowed at this grade. The book should be as described below.
• Cover – No Creases, no fading, lies flat with no roll or curves, and may be slightly off center, cover scuff marks only if hardly noticeable.
• Spine – Straight with no rolling, Staples like new with no rust, and Minor Bindery Tears are acceptable. (No more than 1/16th of an inch). The spine may have a couple of very small stress lines that break color.
• Inside – Minor fading only, No stains or marks, and no tears or cuts.

Very Fine
Acceptable defects are as follow:
• Very minor tears allowed. (1/8 inch)
• Slightly noticeable bends allowed.
• Limited number of bindery or printing flaws allowed.
• Corners may have minor wear.
• Spine is almost completely flat with slightly noticeable spine stress marks.
• Cover may have 1/4 inch or smaller bend with no color break.
• Cover scuff marks only if hardly noticeable.

Acceptable defects are as follow:
• Very minor tears allowed. (1/4 inch)
• Minor noticeable corner bends allowed.
• Minor Spine rolling allowed.
• Minor noticeable spine stress marks allowed.
• Light scuffing is allowed.

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