Pull List Rules

Welcome to Mushyhead Comics Pull List Program!

If you are not familiar with the term “Pull List”, this simply means we order comics you want specifically for you each week. Meaning, you are guaranteed the titles you want NO MATTER WHAT!

We are proud to offer pull box subscriptions to ensure that you never miss an issue. It is FREE to join and Members of our subscription service receive a 25% off discount with no minimum for titles pulled.  Only reading one issue, no problem. Your subscription is still important to us.

We work with League of Comic Geeks to track and fulfill your weekly pulls.  Joining is easy: you don’t even have to see us unless you want to!

  1. Go to League of Comic Geeks – Mushyhead Comics page
  2. Once on the landing page click “SYNC PULL LIST”
  3. Enter your name and phone number
  4. Select title(s) you want to subscribe to
  5. Congrats you are a Member

We will send you an email with a list of your pulls for the upcoming month. If everything looks great, you are good to go. However, if you want to make any changes (ADD/DROP), just let us know.  You can also special requests for variants and /or books that are not normally on your pull list for that month.  Books not on your pull list will be sold to you at our everyday discount of 15% off cover price. Nothing is off limits!  You can also make changes and adjustments to your League list anytime you want.

Pull list are offered for Local Pick Up, Local Delivery (*service free) or Shipped to your door.  We ship anywhere, near or far! All comics are shipping securely in the most economical method available. Free shipping is available on pull list of $100/Month cost(**).

Backstock issues of current subscription titles, are available for your pull list discount (25%). These issues will need to be requested via email (orders@mushyhead.com) or Facebook Messenger.

Mushyhead Pull List Subscription is not a contract, if you wanted to cancel you can do so at any time. Pull List or Invoices not paid for within 30 days of release date will be restocked.  We will contact you before cancellation or restock of books to ensure, we have not made a mistake. If we do not hear from you within 15 days, your subscription will be cancelled. You can re-enroll or re-subscribe at anytime in the future! We don’t hold a grudge.

If you are a loyal subscription customer for 12 consecutive months, your membership will be eligible for an additional 5% Loyalty Discount.