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(W) North, Ryan (A) Henderson, Erica (C) Henderson, Erica
StockID: 76116 Diamond#: MAY180890

• Squirrel Girl and Kraven have had a nice day out as civilians- instead of their usual costumed identities! It was really straightforward and uneventful... • what we'd be saying if this was a way more boring comic- WHICH IT ISN'T! Instead we can say that Squirrel Girl and Kraven battled Mojo's evil clone and saved the city from his deadly machinations. Then they all got arrested! • When Doreen Green and Sergei Kravenoff end up BEHIND BARS- can they be saved? Will they even make it to trial? And who will be their lawyer? • We can answer that last one: It's obviously going to be none other than JENNIFER WALTERS- the incredible SHE-HULK! • Doreen behind bars! Kraven on the stand! And a conclusion to the trial that nobody will see coming! It's all this and more in this particular Marvel comic! Rated T