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WEATHERMAN #1 CVR B MARTIN (MR) (06/13/2018)

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(W) LeHeup, Jody (A) Fox, Nathan (C) Martin, Marcos
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Nathan Bright had it all: an awesome girlfriend- a kickass dog- and a job as the number one weatherman on terraformed Mars. But when he's accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history-an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth-Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target of a manhunt that spans the galaxy. But is Nathan truly responsible for such a horrific crime? And why can't he remember? Writer JODY LEHEUP (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!)- artist NATHAN FOX (DMZ- HAUNT- Dark Reign: Zodiac)- and colorist DAVE STEWART (Hellboy- RUMBLE) present a full-throttle- widescreen science fiction epic about the damage we do in the name of justice and what it truly means to be redeemed…You don't want to miss THE WEATHERMAN!